Bezobratři ("Brothers of Elder Wood")

Group was founded in 2004 in Brno, Czech by Pavel Císarík, Marek Gonda and Honza Glembek. From the beginning the threesome were enthusiastic in self-making folk, overtone and fujara flutes and soon they began to spread their joy from music around. A sound of self-made elderberry-wood instruments was dominant in music for a long time. Besides, mostly Slovak, folk songs, whose interpretations started to be fundamental for the repertoir, a band is also looking for a less traditional ways of putting themselves into the folk music, how to bring it back to life and make it closer to present times. Doing all that a band did their best not to use clichés and effects just for their own sake, so as to make the music real with natural energy coming out of it.

Other fellow – musicians joined "elder-wood trio" in course of the time. Paul´s wife, violin player and singer Klára Císaríková, cello-player Ondráš Přibyla, who was after some time replaced by cello-player and singer Verča (Havlíčková) Jiříčková and also harmonica player Petr Šebela. This was the band´s line-up for first CD Bezceler, recorded in 2007.

Made stronger by initial success, band starts to grow. For a while a bass player Terezka Gabrhelová plays with the group and later violinist and singer Janek Běťák joins. Bit by bit a character of the whole music starts to change. More instruments is being involved and band´s sound evolves. Band starts to use big drum, originally from an old brass band, bringing earthiness to the music. Another instruments like: viola, percussions or even didgeridoo are soon to follow. Three years after Bezceler album band releases next CD in 2010, which is entitled Bezobav ("Without fear"). This album is awarded a prize by Czech Academy of Popular Music for the best world-music album.

After second CD big changes start to take place within the group. Founding member Marek Gonda leaves, followed shortly afterwards by Verča Jiříčková, who is replaced by Alča (Horáková) Čípová. In next year, soon after Verča, another founding member Honza Glembek departs. Group is looking for a new direction to go to. Fresh air to the music-making comes with double bass player Jarek Mareček and percussionist Tom Byrtus.

And again instruments grow in number and (gradually, step by step) band starts to find joy and freedom in it´s own original music, although heavily influenced and inspired by traditional character. Band searches for another timeless folk lyrics and puts into repertoir also interpretations of lyrics inspired by folk poetry and songs of band´s friend Jura Veska. Band do not stick to traditional or perfect interpretation, but to authenticity and frankness. New songs are brought to life mostly slowly and in pain, but still collectively and with feelling, that all in the group can stand up for a newly created piece. Our third album Desaty den trni is published in 2014 by label Indies Scope. This album was nominated for Czech music award Anděl in world music category.

Shortly after finishing of third album is long time accordion player Petr Šebela leaving the band and his position replaces Klárka Veselá and in the same time leaves the band percussionist Tomáš Byrtus whose roles now replaces Lukáš Krejčí.

Band line-up:

Pavel Císarík

Vocals, flutes, overtone flutes, fujara flutes, chalumeau, bagpipes, glockenspiel, jew´s harp, percussion

Klárka Císaríková

Vocals, violin

Klárka Veselá

Vocals, accordion

Janek Běťák

Vocals, violin, viola

Jaroslav Mareček

Double bass, vocals

Lukáš Krejčí

Vocals, percussion